About Fusion Weddings and Concepts

Fusion Weddings and Concepts is a young & talented team of wedding planners with diverse backgrounds and one common goal - breathtakingly beautiful weddings. With a collective team experience of hundreds of weddings, the wedding planners at Fusion Weddings and Concepts are passionate about what they do, translating each wedding into something truly unique and unforgettable. 

Fusion Weddings and Concepts has offices in Bangalore and strategic partnerships in India and around the world, enabling their wedding planners to plan weddings anywhere. Within its eventful years of existence, Fusion Weddings and Concepts has built an impressive wedding planning portfolio that includes Marwari, Punjabi, Bengali, Sindhi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannadiga, Telegu, Malayalee, Garwahli, Mangalorean, Coorgi , Kutchi Memon and cross cultural weddings.


Well a strategic sourcing should be included in all the activities that an event management firm gets into. Fusion Eventz makes sure that it identifies the supplier and rationalizes them. There is proper contracting and procurement process involved.

Fusion Eventz tie ups with suppliers who provide quality, on time delivery, great cost, optimum usage of the technology and flexibility to adjust to the demands of our clients.

We have tie ups with the best suppliers from every sector. We pretest before we give our orders so that the event that has to take place has everything intact before it goes on floor.

Services We Offer


  • Venue Selection / Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Logistic Planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Entertainment
  • Sourcing
  • Creative


  • Venue Selection / Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Logistic Planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Entertainment
  • Sourcing
  • Creative


  • Venue Selection / Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Logistic Planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Communication
  • Production
  • Entertainment
  • Sourcing
  • Creative


When you book any event management company for your special event you look for what all they can offer to keep your guests or participants occupied and entertained.


Fusion Eventz has tied up with various musical and performing artists to organize various shows as per the demand of the event. From Theme parties to organizing Indoor games and quiz contests. Fusion Eventz keeps in mind the current market scenario and hence offers whatever is best available. From organizing live shows to putting up DJs at play, various games for kids and ladies are also specifically taken care of.


To ease out your tension Fusion Eventz has come up with the idea of helping you out in every possible way. Hence, we provide you assistance with getting your banners designed and printed,

Your Hoardings, Standees and Welcome Boards all are our priorities. We help you finalize a design, get them printed for you and place them as per our mutual decision.

The first interaction of your guest with you is your invitation card and Fusion Events makes sure they are the best ones printed. Your invitation shall reflect the aura of your event and shall act as an attraction point for your guest, we plan it the best.

If you wish to print flyers for your event to attract more crowd, we do that as well. Not only we organize your event with the entire flora and fauna we also help you build the basics before you let the event flow.


If the numbers make you go mad, here we are to help you count your guests and prepare customized gifts for them. The guests, who already have much expectation from your most awaited event, also are surprised and bewildered by the amazing gifts that you give them. Gifting your guest has been an Indian tradition from long back and being a custom, it might at times become a great concern for you.

Fusion Eventz came up with the idea of helping its clients with deciding the gifts for the guests and also helping them wrap and distribute.

The Gifts can be chosen by you and we can suggest you too, but the end result has to be “Our Guests have wide smile on their face when they leave”, we decide economical gifts for you which are trendy and handy too. You can brain storm with us about its looks and design and final touch.

Thus, we collaborate with some great artists to help you gift the best!


So here comes your team work. To manage any team event you need to be communication effective. Closely knitted team can accomplish anything. We at Fusion Eventz have developed a great system of team coordination and building trust among each member so that while on floor an event is being managed a great communication system with the help of walkie talkie is maintained.

There are number of tasks to be performed so we:

Plan Ahead : Pre Event Tasks are being escalated from beforehand and are in place before event begins.

A chain of command : It is maintained to have a command in place with quick response.

An Onsite - Communication : team is there which is a quick action team to manage any mishap either of smaller or bigger level. That’s on precautionary basis rest we assure that event goes smoother and calmer in every sense.


So any event requires a great production team as well. The Production team has to keep in mind various things and the team at Fusion Eventz is well versed with the procedure. Fusion Eventz does

Event Analysis

Prepare and Event Plan

If it’s a commercial event which requires market testing we do that too by taking suggestions from people

Get Organizers, Partners and Sponsors for the event

Prepare event calendar

Smooth Production of pre event, at –event and post event activities.

A Production team is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all aspects of production are under budget and oversees cost effectiveness of entire production process.

Venue Selection and Management

While anywhere you go as guest the first thing that impresses you is how you are received and treated there. That’s called hospitality.

At Fusion Eventz the first and foremost thing that is taken care of is Hospitality towards our guest. We make sure that the guests which come:

Logistic Planning

Logistics management plays a greater role in any event, whether it’s a corporate event or a family gathering.

We at Fusion Eventz manage :

Venue Logistics : Getting all furniture intact, designing the sets or arranging the venue interiors.

Transportation : We arrange for Pick-Up and Drop Services for the guests by tying up with different transport providers.

Traffic Management : While you give the honor of organizing a great event for you, we also take care of the fact that we talk to the authorities and manage parking and traffic management facilities for your guests to have a hassle free journey to and fro from the venue.

Asset Tracking : At the end of the event we make sure that all the assets bought or rented are secure and reach their respected destination safely.

Thus, we have everything streamlined well to ensure that login and logout for all logistics is well in place.

Theme Wedding

So youngster’s today choose different ways of getting married. And theme weddings are in vogue these days.

Fusion Eventz is a smart wedding planner which suggests great ideas for theme selection if you are confused on what to choose.

Fusion Eventz helps you design your wedding invitations and wedding cake. Once the Theme is decided we get pre-wedding photo shoots done on the basis of the same.

The whole wedding décor and the welcome theme and gifts are decided too.

Your guest would leave the place mesmerized. The Themed Wedding is always considered best when it’s according to the couple’s personality and taste.

They can choose from various Themes which can be:


So event photography is a specialized skill, Fusion Eventz gets best photographers for the events as per your budget for photography. Our Photographers come and visit the location before the event is scheduled and decide how to cover the whole event with great precision.

The Photographers with us:


Be it a corporate event or any of your personal events, videography comes under “must” for anyone. You wish to save the best moments of your life to keep it alive all life. At Fusion Eventz being a professional from 10 years we have our own equipment's which are set up by us well before the event has to take place. The Technical testing is done in advance.

We also sign up a contract so that nothing is published outside without our client’s permission and vice versa.

Our Videographers act with great plan :


So here comes the section of most awaited service. Catering Services provided by Fusion Eventz has been one of the best. We look into your budget and get an idea of invitees in your event.

We give out contact for catering to the service providers who are not only good at preparing nice hygienic food but also can give services like:

Hospitality Management

The Most important decision for any event management firm is selecting the venue for the event to happen fruitfully in any given scenario.

We at Fusion Eventz make sure that the venue selected fits into the budget of the customer as well as none of the guests leaves the place un amused.

While we select a venue and manage it for the most important event of your life we keep

Certain important factors in mind:

Fusion Eventz has been in the business from more than 10 years and thus we make sure that venue selection and management is the best that we can give you and not go over the budget which upsets your upcoming plans.

Budget Preparation

The most important part of organizing any event is budget, once you know what your budget is, you are well aware of the fact where you have to stop your demanding mind to put a full stop and act practically.

We at Fusion Eventz make sure that a proper list is prepared of items needed, their description, the quantity required of each, the estimated cost of them and finally the actual cost.

We call a meeting of all vendors and suppliers to have an overview of what is being required by you for your event and what all can be added or eliminated.

This enables us to get an immediate breakdown of the cost.

Other aspects considered under budgeting are :